Building trust, and your B2B sales inquiries

In B2B product sales you can always bet on one simple thing. A prospect will browse through your website at some point in the sales process.

The reason for the visit, and the path the prospect took to find you are obviously important. Maybe you have already swapped business cards with the prospect at a conference and emailed to arrange a follow up meeting. Or they just might have finally become frustrated with a supplier, and started looking around the web for alternatives.

Either way, the prospect is looking to dig up some more info on your organisation (and you). At this stage in the sales cycle a prospect nearly always has two things on their mind.

  • are you offering a credible solution to their particular pain point
  • do you have any track record of success

It all comes down to a matter of trust. The prospect is usually focused on establishing whether your organisation is trustworthy enough to warrant a phone call, or an actual first meeting.

Online credibility

Overcoming the trust hurdle is a key task for any B2B website. The website content that a prospect finds should immediately establish your organisations’ credibility, and the expertise of your key team members.

And you shouldn’t believe for a moment that a prospect will limit their sanity check to your website. The most casual search of Google will undoubtedly deliver multiple mentions of your business, and your own career details on sites like LinkedIn. Your industry reputation and public profile become critically important at this stage in the sales process.

Jump the initial trust hurdle, and you simply survive to play in the next round. Stumble, and you will be on the defensive, and inquiries will be few and far between.

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