How to tweet like a human

Twitter is a raucous din of twitter bots and auto retweets. Trying to be heard over the screech of continuous idle chatter are the human voices.

When you first set out to build a Twitter audience, the first thing you really need to consider is credibility. How can you convince anyone that you are worth following?

Perhaps looking at it another way might help. Can someone easily tell by your tweets whether you are human? Of course this might seem a little deep, and a rather nice place to kick of a doctorate in philosophy, but it is not that difficult.

First off, do you listen and engage in conversations, or do you just blast out messages? If you just RT, then someone might easily confuse you for a bot.

Robot birdTweets need personality – your personality. Tweet like you’re speaking directly to your audience, as people.

Share stories about people within your organisation, and don’t be afraid to specifically mention people in your tweets.

“Here’s something our awesome R&D team cooked up last week” is better than “Check out our new product”.

Choose the best photos. Think back to your last holiday. Remember all of those photos you took of buildings and trees?

Are they photos you enjoy looking at? Would anyone else give them a second glance?

The best photos are usually the ones that have personality, or tell a story. Your website is probably full of stock product shots, so why bother tweeting them.

Choose something different. Perhaps a little more personal, or even a bit quirky. It’s more human.

Everyone is trying to stand out from the crowd, so avoid clichés.

The best way to tweet like a human is to be yourself.

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