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The #ClickFail Christmas retail meltdown

You would think that retailers would be experts in coping with the Christmas rush. Afterall, it is their busiest time of the year. In the world of US retail, the mythical aura of the Black Friday sales at the end of November holds an enormous significance. It is meant to herald the date at which … Continue reading The #ClickFail Christmas retail meltdown

Building trust, and your B2B sales inquiries

In B2B product sales you can always bet on one simple thing. A prospect will browse through your website at some point in the sales process. The reason for the visit, and the path the prospect took to find you are obviously important. Maybe you have already swapped business cards with the prospect at a … Continue reading Building trust, and your B2B sales inquiries

Why a social media policy will save your bacon

Social media has moved quickly from a geeky plaything to a crucial tool. Most people have flocked to sites like Facebook for a very simple reason. They are using them to organise their social lives, and stay in touch. Given the size of the crowd, it is hardly suprising that some businesses have leapt at … Continue reading Why a social media policy will save your bacon

They said what?

Ever wondered what people are saying about you behind your back? In B2B, the issue often crops when people start trying to explain poor sales, or when a major client decides to walk away. Soul searching and fingerpointing can only get you so far. Eventually someone will decide to spend more time and energy listening … Continue reading They said what?