Looking for leads?

Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Campaigns

Successful lead generation involves more than placing some ads or making lots of phone calls.


You only have moments to make a good impression. Seconds to strike up a meaningful conversation, whether you are dealing with someone in-person or online.

Get it wrong, and you spend significant effort getting your foot back in the door. But push the right buttons, and the gates will open wider, and an appointment could be yours.

B2B lead generation is never easy. Sales cycles are often long, and competition is fierce. Whether you sell direct or through channel, finding leads and qualifying opportunities for complex technologies and services is tough. You can’t afford to waste time, or your competition will get there first.

Regular communication is your best weapon. Outbound cold calling and public relations is often a part of what it takes to succeed. Every opportunity is precious.

Who are your customers?

Never waste time or money using a scatter-gun approach. If you want your lead generation campaigns to succeed, focus on your best prospects.

  • What are their business issues and KPIs ?
  • How do they normally buy solutions ?
  • Are their IT systems or business processes outsourced ?
  • Is your solution well understood or revolutionary ?
  • Is your technology/service bleeding edge or commodity ?
  • Will your solution fit into an existing budget ?

Precision targetting

Focus your campaigns. Don’t waste time or money using a scatter-gun approach. By tailoring your message, and segmenting your prospects, you can quickly improve response rates, and overall results.

Our lead generation services include:

  • Telemarketing
  • Direct mail and email campaigns
  • Online campaigns and landing pages
  • Database management
  • Data cleaning
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Appointment setting
  • Event registration
  • Lead evaluation and opportunity analysis
  • Surveys