Market Research


To find leads, you need to know where to look. In today’s tough business climate, it is crucial to know your customers and prospects.

Any marketing strategy needs to be based on market conditions. To be useful, market research needs to do more than guess the dollar value of a market for a technology.

Issues that need to be understood when planning your next campaign:


  • Who is buying ?
  • What are the trends and issues ?
  • How will specific vertical markets respond ?
  • Which solutions have already been installed ?
  • Which factors are important in the decision process ?
  • What do business managers think ?
  • What do the channel think ?
  • What is the competition planning next ?
  • How have the media reacted ?


Guesses and gut feelings are of limited use. Don’t waste money on campaigns that are based on assumptions.


Plan to succeed

Silverspan designs marketing campaigns based on our in-depth industry expertise, supplemented with both in-house and third party research.

We live and breathe IT. Choosing the best audience, designing specific solution messages, and then uncovering and developing the leads is our specialty.

Take advantage of our expertise and unique market research to improve your next campaign:

  • Identify specifically targeted prospects
  • Hit prospect hot buttons
  • Reduce wastage in marketing campaigns
  • Hang onto precious customers
  • Beat your competition



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