Satellite dishesWhen it comes to the marketing of professional services and IT products in Australia and New Zealand, advertising is now usually a major part of the marketing mix. Many forms of digital and social media marketing are simply paid advertising – with a different name and more complicated pricing.

Regardless of which methods or media are used to advertise, the results that really matter are product sales and leads. If your advertising is not leading to increased product sales, it is a waste of time.

Based on our experience, advertising is always more effective when combined with social media and public relations, direct marketing, and event programs. Tight integration of your marketing activities is the best way to avoid wasting money, and a faster path to higher product sales.

Achieve more from your advertising

Silverspan has extensive experience in designing and implementing integrated advertising campaigns. Campaigns that integrate custom social media content, public relations, and advertising.

Take advantage of our technology and professional services industry expertise .

Services we offer our clients:

  • Advertising campaign design
  • Creative services
  • Media selection consulting and price negotiation
  • Integration of advertising with lead generation, PR and social campaigns
  • Advertising campaign project management


Don’t waste time or money using a scatter-gun approach. If you want your campaign to succeed, focus on your best prospects.

We can show you who they are, and how to reach them cost effectively.