Channel marketing

Channel logisticsDirect selling is back in fashion in the IT industry. Big is better. Technology analysts insist that end users demand direct relationships with vendors.

What a load of rubbish.

In the real world, buyers value personal relationships and service. Very few vendors can afford to provide meaningful service to anybody outside their top 20 clients.

In Australia and New Zealand, selling IT products through the IT channel is generally the only viable option. It all comes down to economies of scale.

Even IT vendors that only sell direct need to be careful not to alienate the channel.

<h3Its all about partnership

Channel programs require commitment and partnership.

Vendors are expected to create demand for their products. This usually means convincing both end users and the channel of the benefits of a solution.

The channel expect to provide frontline selling and support. The easier the sale, the better.

Demand generation

Nothing makes a channel partner happier than an easy sale.

At Silverspan, our staff have years of experience designing marketing programs involving the Australian and New Zealand IT channel.

We are always working on projects involving major channel players, and have an extensive inhouse database of the major players in the IT channel.

The key to success is to focus on generating end user demand, and maintaining regular channel communications.