Public relations

Public relations and social media content

Everybody craves their 15 minutes of fame. The trick is knowing how to profit from it.

Public relations is pointless if it doesn’t help you find new clients, or sell more products. Likes, tweets, shares, headlines and clippings do not automatically lead to product sales.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to think that your normal sales pitch is going to be of interest to a journalist.

Journalists are always looking for news. Without the right angle, your solutions will be ignored.

Are you on message?

You need to build a strong story. A story that unifies and motivates all of your sales and marketing activities.

At Silverspan, we specialise in marketing solutions to Australian business decision makers and influencers. We know what messages work, and what buttons to push.

We use our in-depth knowledge and research to build powerful and memorable stories for our clients.

Messages that make selling your solutions easier.

Public relations services we offer

  • Corporate blog creation and writing
  • Whitepaper writing and design
  • Press release writing and localisation
  • Press release distribution and media interviews
  • Product launches
  • Video product demos and interviews
  • Brochure writing and design
  • Website text content
  • Media interview coaching
  • Social media coaching for spokespeople
  • Crisis Management
  • Market research
  • Clipping services

To profit from your public relations program, contact us now.

Client casestudy

Our client: Fortinet

Client goal: Reputation Turnaround in Crisis Management Situation

Target audience: Enterprise and SMB

Product lines: IT security hardware and software

Crisis Management, Public Relations, Channel Marketing, ROI driven demand generation programs

Result: 45% average YoY revenue growth across our three year engagement.

High volume of positive press clippings, successful expansion of channel program, vendor of the year award by major channel publication.

“Sebastian is the master of press and analyst relations down under. If you are doing business in Australia you can do no better than Silverspan. I would work with them again if ever given the chance.” – CMO Fortinet

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