Social media marketing

Social media and email marketing has changed the dynamics of direct marketing forever. It is now easier than ever to quickly get up close and personal with a prospect.Unfortunately, when people talk about social media marketing, they are usually taking about setting up a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and simply sending out the same old marketing fluff. Even worse, some businesses still believe that opt-out is good enough, and just blast out emails to lists of unsuspecting people.

You can’t buy permission. You need to ask for it. The best way to build an audience of followers is to be interesting and relevant, and not outstay your welcome.

Reputation is everything

Go back to basics. Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes. How often does a prospect really want to hear from you. Over sharing on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn can easily prompt prospects to tune out. Poorly conceived social media content can easily taint your reputation. And bad news travels fast.

How do you react to unsolicited emails ? How about emails from someone you don’t know and have never heard from before?

If your goal is to make a bad impression, an unsolicited email blast is one of the quickest ways to achieve it.

There are also further complications for projects within Australia. Some forms of marketing are restricted by the Australian Federal Government, with Opt-in permission mandated for email and SMS marketing, and complex restrictions on telephone and face to face marketing. Privacy of individuals also needs to be protected.

The consequences of making a mistake can be very damaging.

Building trust and permission

At Silverspan, we have more than a decade of track record designing and running large campaigns that involve creating sophisticated customised content and building audiences.

The focus of any corporate marketing strategy should be consistent messaging, with regular positive points of contact. You need to incrementally build trust.

Especially when you use intimate social media, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and email. Building a clearer idea of the preferences of individual prospects and clients has never been more important.

Social and permission based marketing are now routine elements of the marketing mix.

Social media and permission marketing services that we offer:

  • Campaign consultancy
  • Audience building campaigns
  • Opt-in recruitment campaigns
  • Database management services
  • Content creation
  • Social media profile building for spokespeople
  • Corporate blogs and email newsletters
  • Social media monitoring and reporting
  • Integration into public relations and lead generation campaigns