Everybody hates telemarketing calls

Nobody wakes up in the morning hoping to be bombarded by telemarketing calls from strangers trying to sell them something.

Outbound telemarketing. Typically tightly scripted, with staff chained to automated dialers. From the biggest brand name telemarketing sweatshop, to the freelancer working from home, the story is always the same.

Churn and burn. Strategic selling, you’ve got to be joking.


Throwing away the script

Silverspan is not a sweatshop. The goal of our calls is to help our clients build a relationship with the prospect, by listening and asking intelligent questions.

Using our extraordinary inhouse databases and market research, we advise our clients on the best solutions to offer and target markets to attack. Any telemarketing required is done by Silverspan staff, on our premises, using our databases.

Don’t waste time or money using a sweatshop.

Trying to find leads for complex technology solutions is tough. Sales cycles are long, and every opportunity is precious.

Our staff are IT industry veterans, and they know how to qualify a lead.

We design our campaigns to focus on the issues that matter most to your prospects. We know who they are, and how to reach them.