3 Tactics for milking your B2B cash cows

In B2B enterprise sales, repeat business is absolutely essential. When you need to convince a business to make a significant investment in equipment or change suppliers, you will typically need to influence several stakeholders, and overcome multiple objections. Throw in some complex procurement and tender processes, and it can all add up to significant time … Continue reading 3 Tactics for milking your B2B cash cows

Email or e-Fail?

Email marketing often seems like the dodgiest area of marketing. Against all the odds, every day brings emails informing me that I have managed to win lotteries I never entered. I have lost count of the number of widows seeking to transfer their fortune from exotic third world locations, and strangers looking to sell me … Continue reading Email or e-Fail?

PPC vs SEO: Is it Really a Battle?

Search engines are an important pathway for prospects to find your business. Google dominates search, and directly influences  how easily prospects find you when they are searching for new suppliers and products. So called "organic" search results are the standard Google results for a set of "keywords". Commonly used searches can easily return millions of … Continue reading PPC vs SEO: Is it Really a Battle?

Clueless emails and overflowing inboxes

Sloppy email marketing can be very irritating for customers and prospects, and industry benchmarks illustrate the dire quality of most material. It is a numbers game, and despite the huge volumes of emails, the amount of clicks generated is very low. When it comes to email marketing campaigns and newsletters,  the current Australian benchmark is … Continue reading Clueless emails and overflowing inboxes

I have a stalker… it’s an ad

You’re at the supermarket and you fill up your trolley with some items. You head to the checkouts, but decide to leave your trolley behind while you check something else first. Do you do this a lot? Unless you are shopping with a small child that suddenly needs a trip to the toilet, it isn't … Continue reading I have a stalker… it’s an ad

The #ClickFail Christmas retail meltdown

You would think that retailers would be experts in coping with the Christmas rush. Afterall, it is their busiest time of the year. In the world of US retail, the mythical aura of the Black Friday sales at the end of November holds an enormous significance. It is meant to herald the date at which … Continue reading The #ClickFail Christmas retail meltdown

Building trust, and your B2B sales inquiries

In B2B product sales you can always bet on one simple thing. A prospect will browse through your website at some point in the sales process. The reason for the visit, and the path the prospect took to find you are obviously important. Maybe you have already swapped business cards with the prospect at a … Continue reading Building trust, and your B2B sales inquiries